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Thesis: Cymatics, from sound to material

To see the video Click Here By the study of  geometry,  effects of  sound and urban noises, through cymatics, we can explore the synthesis of spatial proportion and form generated from sound; to interpret the intelligent proportions of waves we experience as sound into expressions of formal proportions in architecture.   The purpose in experimenting cymatic [...]

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Solar House construction – The fabhouse team

The workers house – fabhouse team having lunch at iaac Organized by the Iaac fabhouse team, all who are working at the Solar Fabhouse construction at IaaC had lunch at the IaaC premises. There are more than 45 people working on the solar house fabrication, local carpenters from Barcelona, and students from 20 countries are involved in [...]

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IaaC Lecture Series_May 28 < Miguel Rodríguez Casellas

Miguel Rodríguez Casellas holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Princeton University and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design form the University of Puerto Rico. His master’s thesis in 1991 already showed a concern for large-scale projects next to other interests in art criticism and cultural theory. In the early nineties, Rodríguez Casellas worked [...]

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3rd Advanced Architecture Contest

Self-Sufficient City Contest – Award ceremony, exhibition and book release The Self-Sufficient City Contest – Award Ceremony, Debate, exhibition and book release IaaC Director Vicente Guallart, winner Sergio Castillo Tello, Faculty Lucas Cappelli,winner Rychiee Espinosa, HP sponsors Merce Barcons – HP EMEA, Willy Muller and  Michel Rojkind Debate on the Self-Sufficient City IaaC Director Vicente Guallart [...]

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FAB LAB Barcelona – Student projects

FabAcademy student Benito Juarez working on his open energy network With their final projects approaching at the beginning of July, students of the FabAcademy had discussions with Prof. Neil Greshenfeld at Fablab central on the polycom to progress with their projects, He gave them pointers on how to go ahead on the programming and technical parts [...]

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D-HUB Modules

Working prototypes The various prototypes for the D-HUB exposition are being fabricated at the FabLab cut with 3-axis milling machine. Using Alucobond 5mm, which provides lightness as well as stiffness, these prototypes can be attached to multiple forms of organization providing ample flexibility for the space. After being cut they are then manually folded and [...]

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