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Wednesday 9th of December // IC1 Digital Fabrication // FINAL PRESENTATIONS

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MAA Research Trips: Following the MAA Curriculum Around the World

(RS2 Self Sufficient Buildings: Students discuss sustainable urban planning in Masdar City) Students in the Masters in Advanced Architecture Program are split into three Research Studios (RS1: Emergent Territories, RS2: Self Sufficient Buildings, RS3 Digital Tectonics). This week each will be exploring a different part of the world. As we have mentioned, each trip is [...]

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Digital fabrication > building Barcelona out of foam

In coordination with Tomas Diez, the students are fabricating a 1:2000 model of Barcelona with the CNC milling machine, for Digital Fabrication and Design Studio classes. The finished model will be mounted on a wooden base wall, where the student are going to project their proposals for a zero emissions city.

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Digital Fabrication Seminar first phase presentations

Faculty : Tomas Diez Guest Jury : Marta Malé-Alemany (MAA Co-Director), Luis Fraguada (Computation Design Faculty) Fab Lab Collaborators: Luciano Betoldi, Guillem Camprodon, Carlos Castro, Fabio Lopez The students Of the MAA 2010-11 completed the first 2 assignments for the digital fabrication class. The Bench and the brick were successfully completed with the use of [...]

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