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Today Enrique Walker presented a Lecture on his theory research project the Dictionary of Received Ideas. Enrique conceives his teaching space as a testing ground, generating evidence through the work of his students during studio. He then starts writing… The Dictionary of Received Ideas wishes to investigate both Practice and Ideas, or Theory and Design, [...]

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Enrique Walker lecturing at the IAAC

Enrique Walker at the IaaC Lecture “The Dictionary of Received Ideas“ 30th of April // 19:30 // IAAC Auditorium // C/Pujades 102 BARCELONA Enrique Walker is an architect and Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, where he also directs the Master of Science program in Advanced Architectural Design. His publications include, Tschumi [...]

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IAAC Green Dictionary Research Project

Today we started the research for the Green Dictionary Project!!! Ten years after the appearance of the Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture IAAC boosts The Green Dictionary, an ambitious multi-format project (print and digital) focused on sustainable development issues, energy self-sufficiency , creative management of resources, innovation and interaction with the environment, recycling and urban [...]

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Today Alejandro Tamayo took us through his journey of technology between magic and everyday life, presenting us 4 of his more technology orientated projects. His first approach to technology was through a camera, using the camera to see something that can’t be seen with the naked eye, and using this both as a protection and [...]

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Negociated Formations Workshop

Last weekend, during the intensive workshop “Negociated Formations” directed by Dave Pigram and Iain Maxwell, by supermanoeuvre, the students built an 1:1 cement structure developed using the most advanced parametric tools. Firstly the students generated a virtual model in order to optimize the structural behavious. Then they ended the process printing some of the pieces and joining them. Placed on [...]

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Alejandro Tamayo lecturing at the IAAC /// from MAI

Alejandro Tamayo at the IaaC Lecture “Technology: between magic and everyday life“ 29th of April // 19:30 // IAAC Auditorium // C/Pujades 102 BARCELONA Alejandro Tamayo is an artist, researcher and teacher working in the intersections between artistic practice, science, technology and everyday life. He has been a tutor at Medialab Prado interactivos? workshops including Technologies of Laughter [...]

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Tonight IaaC welcomed Caroline Bos lecture “On the verge” within the Spring IaaC Lectures. During the event, Caroline explained his concept of architecture through the concept of diagram, which is capital in his practice. Beside that, she showed different projects that expresses the idea of architecture as a total interdisciplinary field, where industry, art, biology, [...]

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