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1st IAAC Alumni Meeting // WORKING MEETING @ Can Valldaura

On Monday 22nd of June we had the inauguration of the first IaaC Alumni meeting at the Valldaura Labs, a sight that had evolved visibly for many f the former generations of Alumni. The Alumni present at the meeting came from 17 different countries, including Iceland, Norway, Russia, Argentina, India, USA, Mexico, Philippines, and more; and covering 8 generations of IaaC Alumni.

After a small coffee breakfast where the more antic (not old!!) and new generations met up for the first time. We then got down to business with a working meeting, resulting to be a very productive and active talk about the next steps for the IaaC  Alumni network. Among other things, the main topics discussed were the IaaC Alumni Platform, as well as the future possibilities of this network as a consolidated group in both the professional and academic fields. The main concerns of the new alumni regarded life directly after IaaC, many with both professional and academic agendas.

We concluded the productive meeting with a delicious brunch with all the alumni participants and later came back to IaaC for the Closing Lecture with Elizabeth Diller.

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Self Sufficient Building // FINAL PRESENTATIONS

On Monday the 15th of June were the Self Sufficient Buildings Research Studio, led by Enric Ruiz Geli and Mireia Luzàrraga, Final Presentations. This year’s projects proposed an architecture that goes beyond buildings: Factories of the Future. These work as an interface between architecture and art, digital processes and technological material development, committed to using new technological developments towards digital fabrication and the development of a performative architecture, creating intelligent structures, within the scenario of Global Warming. The jury board included IAAC Academic Director, Areti Markopoulou, Academic Coordinator, Silvia Brandi; as well as IAAC Design with Nature Faculty Javier Peña and Rodrigo Rubio; Judith Leclerc of CollLeclerc; and finally Agustín Javier Sáenz Fernández the director of industry and transport at Tecnalia, whom also gave a brief intervention just before the lunch break on the role that robotic fabrication is taking in the logistic structuring of the industry, in some way a real live factory of the future!

Here are the 6 projects presented:

Ressurecture - Maja Czesnik, Alessia Tosetto and Shruti Ramachandran – proposes a machine that recycles the daily waste of a region and checks the surrounding landfills and water bodies to produce fewer but more efficient products that are sent back to the market, finally recycling, producing energy, and generating knowledge through research and awareness.

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Advanced Interaction // FINAL PRESENTATIONS

This year’s Advanced Interaction Research Studio, led by Carlos Gomez, took place on Sunday the 14th of June at the Studio P52 Art Gallery in Barcelona, where the projects remained exhibited. To foment the discussion on the projects presented were IAAC’s Academic Director, Areti Markopoulou, as well as the Academic Coordinator, Silvia Brandi; Roc Parés Burgès, Director of the Master in Digital Arts at the UPF; Alexandre Dubor, IAAC Digital and Robotic Fabrication Expert; and finally Angel Muñoz, creative coder and hardware developer, who also followed the student’s and their project development through out the year.

The exhibition experience started with the presentation of Sound to Polymer 1.0, developed by Hashem Joucka, proposing Electroactive polymers (EAPs) as a tool to adjust the acoustic performance of building interiors by using sound as an input to manipulate the space within, creating an enhanced indoor environmental quality. Orion Campos Gorrao Maoreira’s Touch Media proposal followed, aiming to create a new way of communication using and increasing our sense of touch by creating  a wearable tool with an open use, allowing 2 people to communicate through touch and vibrations.

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Elizabeth Diller // Closing Lecture 2015

Tonight we had the pleasure of hosting Elizabeth Diller, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, for the Closing Lecture of this year’s IAAC Lecture series 2014/15.


Elizabeth Diller, a Founding Partner of Diller Scofidio + Renfro, attended The Cooper Union School of Art and received a Bachelor of Architecture from the Cooper Union School of Architecture. Ms Diller is a Professor of Architecture at the Princeton University.


Diller Scofidio + Renfro is an interdisciplinary design studio that integrates architecture, the visual arts, and preforming arts. Based in New York City, Diller scofidio + Renfro is led by three partners, Elzabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio and Charles Renfro, who work collaboratively with a staff of 115 architects, artists and administrators.

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25 · 35 · 55 // Workshop WSA Vertical Studio Unit @ IAAC

25 · 35 · 55 
WSA Unit Leaders – Carles Sala and Relja Ferusic
IAAC Fabrication Tutor – Alexandre Dubor

The students in this WSA Vertical Studio Unit will design and fabricate their prototypes at IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture in Catalonia, in Barcelona, pack them in a 25 · 35 · 55 cm size cabin baggage, and fly back to Cardiff to exhibit them at WSA, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University.

The overall object of 25 · 35 · 55 is to consider the whole process of design, in terms of material, fabrication and logistics to answer today’s industry challenges for architecture and product design. By starting with a very analogue experimentation to discover material properties and by building up a material system narrative, the unit will shift to current innovative technologies and techniques. This will be addressed by the use of digital design and fabrication tools, as the emerging scenario that brings the industry towards the customized product and architectural design, opposed to the massive serial production of the XXth Century. Digital fabrication combined with the advanced IT technologies is starting a new industrial revolution that is changing the way in which the industry is going to design, produce, stock, transport and distribute the products throughout the globalized world that seeks for customized products. Just as the first industrial revolution arrived together with the steam machine, and the second industrial revolution arrived with the mass production, both the industry and architecture are already upgrading their design and production processes towards digital fabrication, making possible the third industrial revolution.

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Pavilion of Innovation 2015 by IAAC|FabLabBarcelona @Beyond Building Barcelona


Last May 19th to 23rd, Barcelona hosted the 19th edition of Construmat, the International Construction Faire. Within this new edition, and with the suggestive change of name to“Beyond Building Barcelona – Reengineering Construmat”Fira de Barcelona set the challenge of including the Innovation Area to the traditional features of the Faire. For this reason assigned IaaC | Fab Lab Barcelona the mission to design and execute the content and exhibition for the new Pavilion of Innovation 2015. Read More »

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Digital Matter | Intelligent Constructions // mid term with Skylar Tibbits

Today the Digital Matter | Intelligent Constructions Research Line, led by Areti Markopoulou (IAAC Academic Director), had their Mid-Term Reviews with an all-star guest jury. The jury included Skylar Tibbits, Director of the MIT Self-Assembly Lab, Manja van der Worp, NOUS Engineering and IAAC Faculty, Moritz Begle, ETH and IAAC Alumni, Eduard Cabay, Appareil and IAAC Faculty, and finally Carmelo Zappulla, External Reference and IAAC Faculty.

See Students’ projects here.

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