Rolex Learning Center and the genesis of form.


Speaking about the genesis of form of the, it was generated according to the boundaries and opportunities of the external physical forces. Mathematics gives the shape of the form. And to study the form you can put it in a grid, the form itself lies in it. We can say that the patios (the holes in the structure) are the spaces of energetic possibilities according to their function (the natural ventilation and illumination of the building) + the visual line between inside and outside.

In the parallel of the “Rhizome thinking” it has the different way of the appearing of the structure of the building itself. The roof and the inner spaces follow the landscape of the floor (the base). All the building is defined by the relations of its elements. Every curvature relies to its neighbor.

In the whole structure of the building we can find the principles of cartography, mapping and tracing, all the organisation is simplified to the several principals. These principals were created in a way of predefined forms which acquire physical reality as material forms that resemble them.

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