Mug  &  Donut

Mug & Donut

Thompson is a “genius”  descriptive and analytical , Biology + Mathematics = on growth and form , in a context where the theory of evolution was overrated and had no mathematical or physical basis, a formal and structural analysis that led to the morphogenesis and put it in the line of scientific and artistic time known to this day.

The most accurate methodology implemented by Thompson breaks the classical processes and includes the ability to describe and analyze the formal patterns of plants and animals within their natural ecosystems , and concluded his remarks with mathematical and physical results . After his work emphasises the unlimited vision we have about mathematics and describes the endless possibilities this demand, geometrical , physical , mechanical , etc. . Everything could be described and had a reason to be measured by mathematical analysis to be performed on any natural phenomenon , like a drop of water produced by rain, their oblique to act on their natural environment geometric qualities. Its more practical to perform these operations analysis method is known as coordinate , could make a graph analysis , and project the results modified and transformed these analyzes to support their views . Their analyzes ended with conclusions which included them spirals or mathematical relationships describing geometric number sequences like Fibonacci processes.

All topological and zoometric analysis performed through thomson coordinate method , was only the beginning of a practice research through the grid deformations and changes in the geometric parameters defining new comparisons between geometric descriptions of the same species : analysis implemented in mammals, insects and bone topologies , etc. . This led him to question the theory of evolution of Darwin and put on the table all these analyzes explaining evolution and transformation processes using mathematical , physical and mechanical methods.

The standardization of parameters never ceases to be a finite, limiting factor at first when we think we have an endless possibilities by means of mathematics, we forget completely the needs of the environment, not just expect that physics and mechanics tell us as relations or as a space; also are the sensations and perceptions Visual, visually alter objects and create new spaces, perhaps ephemeral spaces that mutate and evolve with the information they receive from each new environment in which they were implanted, with these changes in the way we discover the uniqueness of each new environment.

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