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Rhizomatic thoughts

“Greg Lynn, Blobwall”, taken from web “<> accessed on 22/11/2013″ “Greg Lynn, Blobwall”, taken from web “<> accessed on 22/11/2013″ A thousant Plateaus, Plateau 1; Rhizome, Gilles Deleuze – Felix Guattari, 1987 In this plateau, “Rhizome”, Deleuze and Guattari discuss about different ways of thinking and conception of knowledge in philosophical terms. The [...]

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Subjective Atmospheres

What is the role of an architect and how architecture has been transformed nowadays, where human beings live between different environments? Virtual reality changed radically the perception of both space and time. According to Manuel Castells we live in the space of flows. Architecture becomes more complex and relations appear to be crucial. Mark Wigley, [...]

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