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Fabricating The Urban fabric

F a b r I c a t I n g   t h e   F u t u r e Neil Leach & Philip Yuan Richard Aoun     Photo: Ursula Frick & Thomas Grabner “Fabricating the Future” by Neil Leach and Philip Yuan concisely explains the era and concept of parametricism and digital fabrication.  [...]

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‘We’re all made of lines’ || Deleuze

Title: “The Rhizome / A Thousand Plateaus” Author: Gilles Deleuze / Felix Guattari, 1980.   Photo from Faire Rhizome   Deleuze and Guattari introduce the concept of the rhizome as a metaphor for understanding politics, social life, literature, history, and sexuality. A rhizome is “a rootlike subterranean stem, commonly horizontal in position, that usually produces [...]

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An introduction into the understanding of atmospheres in architecture. From Semper and Frank Lloyd Wright through to the Situationists. Through understanding of decors people such as Debord and Costant analyzed the city and proposed projects where atmospheres could be controlled. Even Le Corbusier is claimed to have dealt with atmosphere, albeit through the removal of [...]

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