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Genesis of new forms and understanding of modern Architecture.

Time in modern world is going really fast. Everyday we can observe new inventions in technologies, mathematics, chemical, physics, etc.With all of it we can go deeper in understanding of live around. On one hand it makes live easier, on other hand more complex. We can look on it from point of  constructing and engineering. [...]

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Knowledge around

During the reading of Alison Smithson article I went deeper in understanding what does it mean “knowledge in nature”. In fact Saint Jerome during his live was addicted (if it possible to say like this) to knowledge, but because of time when he lived in some moments it was difficult. Then through time different painters [...]

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Digital Tectonics

Critical essay by Rodion Eremeev The world always generate new directions in Art and Architecture. It always implies new techniks and fabrication ways. During the 20th Century it were a lot of different variety of styles - functionalism, constructivism, brutalism, metabolism, etc. Nowadays is a time of a digital ways of design in Architecture. Neil Leach book  ”Digital [...]

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