Human and Machines




In his paper ‘’Toward a Theory of Architecture Machines’’, Negroponte discuss the use of machines in relation to architecture and survey beyond to encounter all possibilities the machine can offer.Negroponte started by questioning the credential of division of creative labor when machine is introduced it was not only found to perform a given program but also to find solutions.

Negroponte through his researches focused on the machine in relation to architecture and how the fusion of technology can let architecture and design go beyond the habits of the past.

Negroponte while discussing the machine was not only concerned about the machine creativity and whether it is good or bad, but also by the uniqueness of the results. He wanted to break the gap between the human discipline and the digital rationalism of computing.

He wanted to develop the role of the machine to it not to be a problem solving element but also a major collaborator in all designs.The dialogue between the machine and human is a remarkable goal to reach , but these utopian figures fall in the egoistic and intolerant conduct of the human who always intend to be the in charge part of the scenery .

The topic of software  machines  and human is in fact a contemporary subject , yet the human is in charge in directing and manipulating all software opens many questions on the future of software  and the probability of developing  an  own learned process for the software to develop itself without the manipulation and the control of the human .

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