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Are we there yet?

author’s image D’Arcy Wenthworth Thompson, On Growth And Form, 1917 “The finest work of literature in all the annals of science that have been recorded in the English tongue” as described by the novelist Peter Medawar, is really just all preface from beginning to the end- a preface to allometry. The “On Growth and Form” [...]

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down the multi-scalar rabbit hole

What is the nature of complex systems? How do seemingly desperate parts  of an organism constitute a greater whole despite their ignorance of its presence? This condition is observed at the cellular level, at the level of interaction between organisms, and in information systems, though through each successive scale the set of criteria and the [...]

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Parametricism a synergy to Futurism? or Architecture?

T-6 Parametricism Patrik Schumacher ” Each space is in fact a communication. It invites its visitors to participate and gives them clues on how should they behave, what to do. But people are no longer satisfied with simple ordering of space with rigid forms and strict compartmentalization. They need to communicate with each other and [...]

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Digital logics readings analysis Alejandro Martínez del Campo O.

Digital logics readings analysis T6. Parametricism- A new Global Style for architecture and Urban Design    T6. Individual Summary   Parametricism as an increasingly dominant new style among architects, it is rooted in digital animation techniques and it succeeds modernism as a new long wave in systematic innovation. This is how Schumaker introduces this “new” [...]

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Tarzan in the media forest, the Toyo Ito’s code

  Reading Toyo Ito’s writing, Tarzan in the media forest, you feel dispatched into his architectural journey, a fortieth years journey where the architect deal with his works and the architectural movements he is related whit , in order to determinate an “architectural code” result of  four top events, four buildings which determinate his “code”.

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