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Google vs Apple : The missing inputs

  (Image Source : http://www.informatblog.com/partnership-google-apple-nel-futuro) “it’s not the consumers’ job to know what they want” is a well-known phrase spoken by the deceased CEO of Apple. Apple users know best why they purchase apple products. It’s so easy that it blends into your hand. It’s so easy that you don’t know why it is so [...]

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Deleuze and the Genesis of Form

  On this essay Manuel DeLanda is trying to investigate and interpret the work of Gilles Deleuze on the genesis of form. In general the essay is about the generation of form. in particular, Deleuze differentiates form into two categories. the first is the “strata” and the “self-consistent aggregates”. Strata is the concept of the [...]

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Parametricism: A Style or A set of digital tools ?

    Over the years Parametric design has taken a big leap from being just a set of digital animation techniques to advanced parametric design systems and scripting techniques.But this tool has helped close period of uncertainty that had been prolonging over the years, and had a series of short lived movements such as Postmodernism, [...]

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Parametricism a synergy to Futurism? or Architecture?

T-6 Parametricism Patrik Schumacher ” Each space is in fact a communication. It invites its visitors to participate and gives them clues on how should they behave, what to do. But people are no longer satisfied with simple ordering of space with rigid forms and strict compartmentalization. They need to communicate with each other and [...]

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Saint Jerome and the Ying – Yang.

The reading to analyze is about Saint Jerome, a saint who lived 1100 years before it became an artistic reference for painters between 1400 and 1700. The artistic movement vary according years of painting and the author. The important thing to note is the cunning of the author of the article in question, as it [...]

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