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Parametricism a synergy to Futurism? or Architecture?

T-6 Parametricism Patrik Schumacher ” Each space is in fact a communication. It invites its visitors to participate and gives them clues on how should they behave, what to do. But people are no longer satisfied with simple ordering of space with rigid forms and strict compartmentalization. They need to communicate with each other and [...]

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T1: “The conditioned outdoor room”- Rudofsky

Towards a Hyperspace Advancement essentially requires a point of reference. This I believe can be derived with a deep understanding of the past, challenges of  the present and needs of the future. A human being is fundamentally yet another living organism in nature, which to a large extent has adapted itself to the various force and elements [...]

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The timeless space

Philippe Rahm, inside the overall debate on an Advanced Architecture, looks back at the configurations of dwellings and cities from the past or from a ‘more present past’ to investigate the relationship between the natural environment and the architectural space, figuring out that the Architecture has always been following the climate changing in its configuration [...]

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