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“Branching Morphogenesis” is at Ars Electronica, a museum of digital and media arts, in Linz, Austria ‘… the form of an object is a ‘diagram of forces’… D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson

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Bernard Rudofsky: The conditioned outdoor room

Pompeii Garden; author: Karin. Is Noth-America inhabitable? Is there an after-life? The answer for this questions is an answer of faith. The text of Rudofsky starts describing the amenities of modern life of the human beings, how they think that they have conquered the inconveniences of the climate, but to tell the truth, there are [...]

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The timeless space

Philippe Rahm, inside the overall debate on an Advanced Architecture, looks back at the configurations of dwellings and cities from the past or from a ‘more present past’ to investigate the relationship between the natural environment and the architectural space, figuring out that the Architecture has always been following the climate changing in its configuration [...]

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Tarzans in The Media Forest

  PROTESTOR GUARDING HIS TREE /  POLICEMEN GUARD THE DESTRUCTION WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM A PARK http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_protests_in_Turkey Summer of 2013 something happened in Istanbul, the monetary system wanted to take the only green space left in Taksim, the GEZİ PARK, wich was the last public breathing point for the people and the reason to [...]

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Course Syllabus

IC.3 SEMINAR - THEORY CONCEPTS 01 - ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE CONCEPTS 2 ECTS credits TUTORS: Manuel Gausa, Maite Bravo, Ricardo Devesa. This seminar examines a series of seminal essays on architecture by key thinkers on the twentieth century, that will provide the bases to develop a relevant body of critical thought currently developing outside the prevalent mainstream architectural discourse. The series starts reviewing a general overview of architectural culture at the beginning of the twentieth first century, considering the vast advancements in specialized knowledge, the impact of the information society and the pressing environmental concerns, which are deeply questioning the very basis of architectural practice. It examines how some key architectural practitioners are [...]

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