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Digital Tectonics

Image credit: Book by Neil Leach, David Turnbull and Chris Williams Critical essay by Trinidad Gomez. ‘For how can the digital be tectonic? And how -for that matter- can the tectonics be digital?’ Neil Leach In this book, Neil Leach explains the behaviour between digital and tectonics, and how nowadays we can see this popular [...]

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Toward a Theory of Architecture Machines by NICHOLAS NEGROPONTE

  Intro When a designer makes a machine that can solve problems, the designer gets credit. When a machine like this can find a method of finding a method of solution, the machine is the one who makes the answer. The machine may be more creative than the designer. The evolutionary Machine This paper is [...]

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“Street Level”

By Steven Johnson. Chapter 2. Summary. This reading describes the behavior of ants, living cells, and people, and how their individual (inter)actions follow and provoke a global system behavior. Global behavior, local interaction. There was a study which revealed a completely new way of understanding ant colonies and their behavior. The normal approach was to study [...]

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Deleuze and the genesis of the form by Manuel de Landa.

This author talks about the beginnings of the form with a particular scientific and artistic vision at the same time. The lecture is base of that Deleuze believes that the form is not spontaneous and the process is the most important on the existent of the form. In this text he start talking about his [...]

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Abstract: The analysis of the critical readings will serve to guarantee the contents exposed in the previous session, focused in exposing the digital logics of advanced architecture. Six texts will inquire some of the driving theoretical forces in relation to informational concepts in architecture: T1- Thompson, D’Arcy. “On growth and Form” (1917), Chapter XVII: On the Theory [...]

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